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Pretoria, South Africa

Friday 24 March 1995

We waited outside the stadium from 5pm until 6:30 when the gates opened. The show started at about 7pm with a local band, I have no idea who. They played about 4 short songs while the crowd just waited. Next up- Uriah Heep (who we had head practicing for about an hour while we waited outside). I only know a few of their songs, but they are excellent. Lots of interaction with the audience, sing along stuff and yelling.

By Michael R

Since I was right in front near the left hand side speakers I was already deaf by the time Deep Purple started.

They started at about 9:05 and went on until 11:20.

Here is the play list:

  1. Highway Star
  2. Black Night
  3. The Battle Rages on
  4. Woman from Tokyo
  5. Perpendicular Waltz (New one)
  6. When a blind man cries
  7. Perfect Strangers
  8. Pictures of Home /(Keyboard Solo)
  9. Anyone's Daughter
  10. Child in Time
  11. (Guitar Solo) /Anya
  12. Lazy /(Drum Solo)
  13. Speed King


  14. Smoke on the Water

Ian Gillan wore the same outfit (floral waistcoat) as on the cover of CHOHW. He talked about as much rubbish as I've ever heard. eg. Before Child in Time "I have just one thing to say : Petunias, tulips, climbing whysterias. I had to get that off my chest because soon they wouln't allow us to say this kind of thing anymore." Anyone know what that means? [Hehe, no, but I'm laughing as I type this! A typical Gillanism. - Trond]

Black night was exellent. Nobody knew The Battle Rages on. Woman from Tokyo was better than I've ever head it on an album, nice bits added by Morse. Next was Perpendicular Waltz which the crowd didn't seem to appreciate although I thought it was brilliant. It is a slowish heavy "Mannish Boy" type blues song. You'll like it if you haven't heard it yet.

When a Blind Man Cries was very well executed by Morse, this song seems to be a favourite of his. It was one of the highlights of the show. Perfect Strangers was THE highlight for me, no football club intro, but Gillan gave it all he had. I'm still singing it now.

Pictures of Home no one knew [what?!!] - it went into Lord's solo which was unbelievable. He dissloved POH into Beethoven's Fur Elise then into Great Balls of Fire the into some Scott Joplin thing and back to POH.

Anyone's Daughter was done exactly as on CHOHW. Very enjoyable.

I was a bit dissapointed with Child in Time because they cut it short, no buildup to the final climax like in the original. The song was highlighted though by a "duelling banjos" thing between Morse and Lord. Morse played a fast thing on the guitar and Lord followed just as fast. This went on for 5 minutes. These guys are some of the best in the world. I stood with my mouth hanging on the floor.

Anya was extended by Morse and Gillan doing a yelling/guitar thing. Morse also did a long haunting intro, with lots of pickup volume twiddling. (Nice guitar he uses, what is it?) His playing had a very Satch sound to it for Anya.

Lazy was basically used for Paice's drum solo, which the crowd loved. Gillan did the characteristic screams and "I thank you" stuff often enough to keep me happy. The band seemed to be having a great time, particularly Morse, who couldn't stop smiling.

The rest of the band seems quite taken with Morse, Gillan stopped to stare in admiration a couple of times at Morse's solos. Morse is FAST. I went home and listened to some Yngwie and Morse is as fast, if not faster. I felt inspired to practice.

Speed King was very different from the usual, Morse doing his own thing totally, and again I was a little dissapointed not to hear the standard Blackmore riffs. The crowd loved it.

Smoke on the Water was the encore, suprise, suprise. Again straight off CHOHW except for some cute speed bits by Morse.

It was the best rock concert I've ever been to (even though the Rolling Stones a few weeks ago had a lot more stage stuff). The would have given a second encore, but the crowd in Pretoria was too tired/apathetic to yell for more.

I wait in anticipation for Saturday, the first Johannesburg show. See you there :-)


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