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Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, USA

Sunrise Musical Theater, Sat. 4. March 1995

Subj:  Ft. Lauderdale Review

Date:  95-03-05 00:16:01 EST

From:  Forms Man
I just got back from what was to me the best rock and roll concert I have ever been to. If anybody out there feels that the departure of Rithie Blackmore will hurt or cripple Deep Purple, they are in for the surprise of their lives.

I was too stoked to remember the songs they played but I do remember the kicked off with Fireball. Gillian was in absolute perfect form. Voice didn't crack once. Jon Lord, looking like a grey ghost, tore up the keyboards. Glover played like he was a kid again, with the same enthusiasm I remember when I first saw them perform in 1973. Ian Paice never missed a beat. His usual solo was perfect. But the star of the show was none other than Steve Morse. That man shreads on guitar like Blackmore could only wish. Mixing his midi voices on his Strat, Morse adds a new dimension that will allow Purple to live on for years to come.

They played most of their old standards and surprised the hell out of me when they kicked out When a Blind Man Cries and Anyone's Daughter. Speed King brought the house down. The new material, about 3 or 4 songs in all, were pretty good. Much different than traditional purple. It was kinda like Whitesnake meets the Dixi Dregs. Very bluesy and funky but cut to the bone when it had to. Their encore was predictable but non the less fantastic. Highway Star followed by Smoke on the Water ended the 2 hour and 15 minute show.

The only negative was some local band opening up for Purple. They were some trashed out punk band who were boo'd after each song. Unfortunately they lasted about 45 minutes and with tear down, Deep Purple didn't hit the stage until 9:15.

As I said earlier, this was one concert to remember. What made it even more fantastic was having my two kids (13 & 18) there to experience this event.

Gillan did say in his closing statements that MAYBE he'd be seeing us next year. I guess we can only hope.

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