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Ft. Lauderdale

Saturday 4. March 1995

From: gillansinn@aol.com (GillansInn)

Newsgroups: alt.music.deep-purple

Subject: Fort Lauderdale review

Date: 6 Mar 1995 15:42:28 -0500
I flew down from Connecticut for the show, and it was worth it! Set list was as posted for Orlando, but they left out Maybe I'm a Leo and Soon Forgotten was after Anya. Stage Manager Charlie Lewis told me they had 3 other songs in the setlist, but left them out. Bruce Payne and Colin Hart were there and were very friendly.

The show was amazing, I have never heard Gillan better. Child InTime was my fave of the set because of his voice. Steve's playing in Anyone's Daughter also impressed me as did The Battle Rages On. And kicking off with Fireball. . . what can I say?!

I met the entire band, and they were all nice. Paice was hard to talk to, but the others were easier to get to. Meeting Gillan was one of the best moments of my life.

I met one guy who saw the band at the Hard Rock Cafe in Orlando. He asked Roger how Ritchie was doing and he said that he would have to ask his docter as if he was crazy.

In Rock will be re-released on CD with bonus tracks according to the band. Jon said the new album would get a huge promo push. Release date was anywhere between August and January depending on who I talked to.

I told Jon I flew in from CT, and he said "god bless you mate" and said he would play closer to home soon. I would happily fly down again after everything that happened.

I have photos, anyone can Email me for details.


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