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Orlando, Florida, USA

Tupperware Center - 3. March 1995

Subj:  Deep Purple Orlando Set List

Date:  95-03-04 21:35:55 EST

From:  Stratman64

Here we go:

  1. Fireball
  2. Black Night
  3. The Battle Rages On
  4. Ken The Mechanic (New)
  5. Woman From Tokyo
  6. The Perpendicular Waltz (New)
  7. When A Blind Man Cries
  8. Soon Forgotten (New)
  9. Perfect Strangers
  10. Pictures of Home/Jon Lord Keyboard Solo - Leads into ->
  11. Knocking At Your Back Door
  12. Anyones' Daughter
  13. Child in TIme
  14. Anya/Steve Morse Guitar Solo
  15. Lazy/Ian Paice Drum Solo
  16. Maybe I'm a Leo
  17. Speed King


  18. Highway Star
  19. Smoke on the Water

The show lasted roughly 2hrs 15min. There was an opening band called Naked Rhythm, best described as Red Hot Chili Peppers gone Metal. IMHO very forgettable. I don't know if they were a local band but, enough said.

>From the very beginning it was obvious that DP was excited to be on stage. Morse fit right in, looking like he'd played with them for years.

Morses' guitar sound was a little more distorted than I'm used to but it fit right in with DP. He was able to capture the feel of Blackmores' material while still injecting his style into each solo. For those not familiar with Morse or the Dregs his technique is much cleaner and accurate than Blackmores'.

Ian Gillans voice was great, he's still got the best scream in rock. The only other live Gillan I've heard is 'Made in Japan' and this was right up there with that. Paice and Glover were really in synch, keeping the songs tight. But the real excitement was watching the interaction between Lord and Morse. You could see them signaling each other, trading licks back and forth. If I sound overly enthusiastic about this it's because I've had tickets to see either DP or Rainbow 4 times here in Florida and missed each of the shows, either they cancelled or I couldn't make it.

They are recording the new album in Orlando. They didn't say when it will be out. Gillan did say they were going on a short world tour (Florida, Korea, Africa and India) before returning to Orlando to finish the album, no dates given.

Any of you going to the Ft. Lauderdale or Jacksonville shows are in for a great show. If what I saw last night is any indicator DP will be around for a long time to come.


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