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Orlando, Florida, USA

Friday 3. March 1995

From: stratman64@aol.com (Stratman64)

Newsgroups: alt.music.deep-purple

Subject: Deep Purple In Orlando

Date: 5 Mar 1995 04:31:51 -0500
I attended the concert friday night in Orlando, Fl. One word - WOW!

If what I saw is any future indicator DP will be around for a long time to come. They were pumped up and excited to be on stage. Steve Morse fit in so well it seemed he'd been playing with them for years. His playing was fantastic, capturing the feel of Blackmores' parts while adding his own style to each song.

Gillan was fantastic, he's still got the best scream in rock. Paice and Glover were fantastic, keeping the whole bottom end tight. But watching Lord and Morse playing together was fantastic. This is a perfect mesh of talents, one I hope stays together for a long time.

The show was about 2hrs 15min. There was an opening band but I won't discuss that too much. They didn't get a very good reception. They were called Naked Rhythm, kind of a Red Hot Chili Peppers gone metal type of sound. Oh well, I wish them luck.

Here is the set list:

  1. Fireball
  2. Black Night
  3. The Battle Rages On
  4. Ken The Mechanic (New Song, kind of a funky groove to it)
  5. Woman From Tokyo
  6. The Perpendicular Waltz (New Song, Gillan said this is a working title for now)
  7. When a Blind Man Cries
  8. Soon Forgotten (New Song, Kind of dark and moody sound to it)
  9. Perfect Strangers
  10. Pictures of Home
    Jon Lord Keyboard Solo
  11. Knocking At Your Back Door
  12. Anyones' Daughter
  13. Child in Time
  14. Anya
    Steve Morse Guitar Solo (Intricate sampling and delay work)
  15. Lazy
    Ian Paice Drum Solo (Fantastic)
  16. Maybe I'm a Leo
  17. Speed King


  18. Highway Star
  19. Smoke on the Water

The show received almost no local advertising yet the attendance was good. During the show Gillan announced they were recording the new album in Orlando. They will start a short world tour soon Florida remaining dates, Korea, Africa, India then back to Orlando to finish the album. No date on when it might be out though. He also said they may play another date in Orlando after the recording sessions are done. If anyone wants more info e-mail me at : Stratman64@AOL.COM


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