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Thumping silk shirt in Florida

March 16, 1985 - Hollywood Sportatorium, Hollywood, Florida, USA

I still have my stub from 3/16/85 and was reminiscing about that show. I was 11 years old and listening to the Partridge Family. I heard Smoke On The Water on the radio and my heavy metal future was born. DP put on a great show, to this day it is the best concert I have ever seen. Being raised in a big city like Miami we had one or two concerts each week so I have seen over 500 concerts in my life time {a lot of groups twice or more times of course} and not one of those came close to DP. Even though I was sitting in the nosebleed section (section 102 row S), Glover's heavy bass, the ear-shattering scream of Lord's organ, and Paice's thundering bass drum made my my chest and silk shirt (yeah I know, but it was the 80s) move with each thump. Todays rappers can't hold a candle to those bass lines and drum beats from a group who entered the Guinness Book Of World Records for being the loudest rock band! Gillan explained each song, sometimes in German or another language. DP is the greatest heavy metal band that there is and will ever be. No other band has had so many line-up changes and still play at that level, the best, the loudest and give you their heart and soul in each show and each song. That is why DP is so special, not only to me, but to the rock world. The world's greatest rock band.

Anton Jacik

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