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Cardiff 1974

I remember going to the gig at Cardiff Capitol, Wales on May 26, 1974. The early memory is queing for about a mile to get tickets one cold Sunday morning. Having been familiar with the Machine Head album, I was disappointed in a new line up, but hey, this was the loudest band in the world!

Elf were the support act. A neat bluesy rock trio. But taking the stage in a blast of pink dry ice were the formidable Purple gods, launching into a blistering Burn. Blackmore was looking a little drunk and decided to empty the contents of a bottle of beer over members of the front row.

I was impressed by the vocals of Coverdale, and Lord rocking his Hammond back and forth - I was right in front of him stage left.

Can't remember a lot other than Smoke, and Lazy going on for about 15 mins. They played something like a 30 min version of Space Truckin' as the encore, and had a mirror ball sending stars all over the place.

I left the gig totally deaf and didn't get my hearing back till the next day. I consequently bought Burn and saw them again in the 80s at Knebworth. I missed them in the 90s, but was there for the Cardiff gig on Feb 20th 2002.

Dave Bonner

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