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Amphitheatre, Chicago, IL, USA.

5 or 6. June 1973

The ticket cost me a whopping $4.50 for ZZ Top, Billy Preston & Deep Purple. The audience had no idea who ZZ Top was. Billy Gibbons introduced the group as "A little old band from Texas; we're the Roy Rogers Band." My friend and & I were so impressed the next day we went to the record store looking for the Roy Rogers Band!! It was then that we found out it was ZZ Top. This was just before Tres Hombres was released.

Billy Preston was next and was well received. He was dancing by the front of the stage swinging his jacket and toying with the audience, when someone grabbed a hold of it. A stage bouncer grabbed the fan, beat the crap out of him and gave the jacket back to Billy. He then continued to toy with the audience again.

After Preston we had about a 90-minute wait for Purple. It was definitely worth it. They started out with Highway Star and played everything from Made In Japan. Their encores were Woman From Tokoyo and Going Down. I have seen them since with numerous line-ups, but none compared to this, my all-time favorite concert.

The highlight was Child In Time, with Ritchie Blackmore under the strobe light. It still gives me chills when I think about it!

Mark Zimmerman

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