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Agust 15, 1970
Island Grove, Greeley, Colorado, USA

I was in 10th grade, had no car, and had to borrow a friend's car to get to this show at Greeley's rodeo arena, Island Grove Park for Eric Burdon & War with Deep Purple.

I had no idea at the time that Purple had gone onto Mk 2, but man, what a show! I honestly think that most people there didn't know what hit them, so strong was DP's set! As I recall, their stunning set was basically to showcase the new LP, In Rock, but I was honestly too shocked to remember other details. Sorry.

It seems that this area attracted a lot of upper echelon acts at the time. The Stones opened their 1969 tour in Ft. Collins, but it was still quite a surprise to learn of DP's scheduled appearance in the neighboring town of Greeley of all places!

Again, this show remains burned in my memory.

Larry Bolt
Fort Collins, CO.