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Review Jon Lord, 18.May, stuttgart

I've been to the Jon Lord Show at the Mozarthalle (part of the Kultur- and Kongresszentrum) and wanted to share my impressions with you.

Venue was small, about 800 seats with some seats not occupied.

Acoustics were from my position not too good, it was hard sometimes to hear Jon over the other instruments, all in all a little bit unbalanced.

Support Act was the A-Capella Formation "Vocaleros", this time 4 songs, great stuff.

The setlist:

First set:
Part 1 of PW: Sunrise, Pictured Within, From the Windmill
From Part 2 of PW: Evening song
Sarabande from the album "Sarabande"
From Part 4 of PW: Crytal Spa, A different Sky

Second set:
a song sung and played on the piano by Sam Brown, still don't know the title, anyone??
Before I forget from the album "Before I forget"
The Dream, an orchestral piece (don't know this one) leading to
Where are you? from the album "Before I forget"
Something from Dave Brubeck, if I understood Jon right it was called "Square Dance", but I'm not too sure, anyone??
From Part 3 of PW: Music for Miriam, Wait a while
Gigue from the album "Sarabande"
Stop from Sam Brown's first album "Stop!"
Bouree from the album "Sarabande"

A great concert.

The nervousness I noticed in Luxembourg was completely gone, they were sure of themselves and the material and they put much more heart into the performances.
The first set consists of tracks of the more contemplative kind and here they showed what they were able to do, while the second set consists of more faster or better put rhythm based tracks, which smoked (especially the drum part in the Gigue from Sarabande).
Jon acted again as host, he introduced the songs and made little jokes, very good.

Audience reaction was enthusiastic, the hall shook near the end of the concert and they got a well-deserved standing ovation when the show was over.

Well, what else??

The only merchandise I saw were some T-Shirts. They have a small piano sewed on the left side (placed roughly where my heart should be if I had one) and on the right sleeve the words "Jon Lord Tour" are sewed on. Really decent, available colours were black (two different kind of shirts), blue and a light grey, costing 45 DM, which roughly equals 27 US-Dollar.

Maybe 30 minutes after the show Jon came out to talk to the fans which still hung around, he shook hands with everyone and signed happily everything which was handed to him.
What a great guy.

This must be enough for now, I'm heading off to the Cologne show.


Christian Rutz