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Review Jon Lord, 24.May, München

It's now nearly 24 hours since the last show in Munich and I'm trying to write this review for about half an hour, searching for some words to describe what I saw, heard and felt.

I can find none, so let's say that it was the best show of this much too short tour and leave it at that.

So just a few observations from the show (setlist was the same as the other german dates):

- Sam Brown pulled a Gillan in the "Evening Song", she was reading the lyrics at all the shows from a sheet, this time she didn't look up the beginning of the second verse (iirc) in time and she left the first line out.

- Between Stop! and Bouree Jon was going to introduce the band but said first some words about the stress and sometimes the anger they went through during this tour but "it is allright because of this T-Shirt" and then he took of his jacket and showed the T-Shirt to the audience and especially to the unsuspecting band.

It was reading like this:


which roughly translate to


Of course, reactions on stage were hilarious, to say the least.

- Ian Paice and wife was in the audience.

- Hagen slipped again the riff to Smoke into Unsquare Dance (it was always in Unsquare Dance, not the Gigue as I've written before)

- For the Grande Finale, the Bouree, they had organized two belly-dancers, but didn't tell Jon about this. I couldn't see his face at the time when the bellydancers came on stage, but it must have been quite a sight.

After the obligatory curtain calls Jon came back alone on the stage and spoke to us directly without the use of a microphone.
I quote from memory:
"I'm very full tonight in my heart because of two things: One this wonderful band of people who I've grown more to love than I can get across in words but I also have to say thank you for the many many years of support for music in both my jobs from germany. I am not making a play here for your emotions, it is absolutely true. This country has supported me and many other english musicians and I really thank you from the bottom of my heart. See you soon"

And with this statement from Jon (what a great man) I'll leave the show in Munich and get to some bits and pieces from the tour.

First some tasty bits, as they come up out of my memory (so please excuse any mistakes and don't take them literally, I may have misunderstood something):

- Jon introducing "Evening song": "When I was writing this song I had some help with the lyrics from Sam and it is called" "My foot is caught in my dress" (Sam walking to the front of the stage, experiencing some trouble) Jon:"The song is called "My foot is caught in my dress", which explains why I needed some help with the lyrics........."

- Jon (playing an A on the piano for the string quartet so they can tune their instruments): "I don't have to do this in my other job"

- Jon introducing "Where are you?": "I have written this song after a bad experience in Philadelphia. Do you know Philadelphia? You know what W.C.Fields has written on his gravestone: Better here than in Philadelphia."

- Jon introducing the same song another show: "I have written this song after a bad experience in Philadelphia. I think there is a cheese called Philadelphia......"

- Jon introducing "Sarabande": "This piece has been written for a hundred piece string orchestra...." (looking around on the stage). "Oh, I think we can handle it......."

- Jon introducing "Unsquare Dance" (note: the night before Mario on drums finished his part later than the rest of the ensemble): "The last one to finish pays the beers later".

- Jon talking about the songs from "Before I forget": "This is from an album which was the best-kept secret ever"

- Jon talking about the songs from "Before I forget": "This is from an album I made in my holidays from Whitesnake"

- Jon introducing "Music for Miriam": "This is dedicated to my Mum who always stood in the door when I had piano lessons. She made sure that I didn't run off..........."

- Jon introducing the same song: "This is for my Mum who made sure that I didn't run from my piano lessons. Because at that time I had some other stuff in my head like jazz and rock'n'roll and girls and football and girls....and girls........."

- Rob (soundmixer) after the Berlin show: "Do you think that Sam's voice was too loud in the mix?" "No, sounded ok to me" "Some guy told me during the show that Sam's voice was too loud, I should turn it down. Jesus Christ, there is always one in the audience who can do my job better then myself......."

There were lots of other funny stuff, which I can't recall right now, so this must be sufficient for now.

Which brings me to the thank you section:

A big "I thaaannk yooouu" to (not too sure about spelling of the names):
Ms. Robbins on backing vocals
Claudia Fontaine on backing vocals and percussion on "Bouree"
Sam Brown on backing and lead vocals
Ina (or Ines?) Stock on oboe, clarinet and suchlike
Hagen Kuhr on cello
Donna on violin
Raimund on violin
Daniela on violin
Martin Dubke on keyboards
Dieter Müller on keyboards and lead vocals
Mario Argondona on drums and percussion
Jon Lord on piano
Rob and Jessie doing the sound

Also thank you to the nice people I met at the shows, especially Gerrit, Blanka, Jörg, Andreas and many other fine people I have forgotten the names but not their kindness.
I wish you well.......

Well, I think that about was it.

One more thing: Just wanted to say that I'm very happy to have seen Jon with this fine ensemble of musicians, especially since I had the chance to follow their progress from their humble beginnings in the first show in Luxembourg to this excellent performances in Halle and Munich.
This is something you don't have the chance to experience too often and since it was music which is very dear to me, it was even more precious.

Btw: None of the ensemble I had the chance to talk to after the show was happy that the tour had just ended when things had fallen into place after all the work they had put into it and I think that Jon didn't liked it either.
So keep your fingers crossed, hopefully we haven't seen the last of this, but that is jsut my impression, so don't hold your breath.

I may get some pictures from Halle and Munich soon (Jon with open hair!), if they turn out decent I'll make them available on the web and will also send them to the Highway Star.

Now, that really is the end, take care, we'll see us next week when Jon again starts working in his "other job" as he has put it :-)

See you on the road...........

Bye, Christian