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Review Jon Lord, 19.May, Köln

For the first time via e-mail I would like to contribute my review of the Jon Lord show at Cologne on May 19th. I won't make it too long, because the setlist seems to have been the same as at the Luxembourg show and later.

Except for a very few split seconds when the cello player obviously did not hit the right note one hundred percent the whole band (ensemble, rather) was in good shape and in a very good mood, especially Jon himself. During the whole evening, he appeared rather a composer and charming presenter rather than the featured solo performer.

My personal highlights of the show were all songs sung by Sam Brown, above all that stunning version of "Stop" (just cello played like a guitar, fingersnips, violin - or viola? can't remember - solo plus that voice: would you have believed this would work?), and Jon's performances of his own "Sarabande" and "Bourrée". Brubeck's "Unsquare Dance" seemed a fitting choice, because just a few minutes earlier it had struck me how much the "Sarabande" riff, er...sorry:
piano theme owes to "Take Five". And it showed everyone in the audience how much fun these people on the stage were having.

The only gripes were the sampled guitar sounds on some tracks from 'Sarabande' and Dieter Müller's singing on "Where are you". IMO, a bit too much from "Pictured Within" was included. Especially this "Kyrie" stuff keeps getting on my nerves. There is no development in it, just length. But a lot of the other songs are even more beautiful when you see the string quartet playing while you hear them.

Jon's autographs on my copy of the "Gemini Suite" and "Sarabande" were the cream on the cake. I enjoyed the evening very much, and for once, I could do without my earplugs in a Purple-related show.

Axel Cordes