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Review Jon Lord, 19.May, Köln

Having seen the master of the piano and hammond organ many many times with Purple I couldnt wait to see him performing live with solo tracks. On our way to Koln from the NL I was hoping to hear some songs from Sarabande and Before I Forget as well. It was a great surprise Jon indeed did play Sarabande, Gigue and Bouree from Sarabande (an album he wrote 25 ......thousand years ago, quote) as well as Before I forget and Where are you from Before I forget (as he said the best kept secret in music history, lucky I got two different copies of this masterpiece at home) during the 2,5 hours in the hall which was made for this kind of music in Koln.

Positively surprising was the high enthusiasm and professionalism of the band, the performance as a conductor and host to the audience by Jon and his great sense of humor, not to forget his unsurpassed perfection, a real pleasure to watch and enjoy.

Surely the music whispered in my ears Jon and made me wonder about many things, one for sure why you don't perform like this more in the breaks between Purple tours. Having such a great band to support you, wonderful Sam Brown to sing like an angel (we knew from Pink Floyd concerts she could reach enormous hights). Long versions from Bouree and the Dave Brubeck interval with some jamming was incredibly swinging and perfect.

In a next tour - if Sam is still accompanying- why dont you include beauties like Lady (absolutely a best kept secret for many people and other extras from Before I forget) as well as pieces from e.g. Windows.

Pictured within provided me and my friends with wonderful thoughts and mirrors of music made by a man who proved that emotion and music are one and that this album is live on stage a piece of Jon himself. Keep composing like this, although a big secret for many, your fans love the realness of the music.

It was a real honour to see you perform like this Jon, hope to see you many times more solo and with our great friends from Purple.

Rob Berting