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Review Jon Lord, 19.May, Köln

I'm just back from the show in Cologne, but I'm in a hurry because in a few hours I have to be on the road to Berlin, so I make this a short one.

Beautiful Venue with a big stage and good acoustics, holding about 1200 people I guess.

Support act again the "Vocaleros", great stuff (bought one of their CDs the previous night, recommended if you like this kind of music).

The setlist:

First set:
Part 1 of PW: Sunrise, Pictured Within, From the Windmill
From Part 2 of PW: Evening song
Sarabande from the album "Sarabande"
From Part 4 of PW: Crystal Spa, A different Sky

Second set:
a song by Sam Brown, Jon introduced the title as "Breathe in life", although I probably misunderstood him.
Before I forget from the album "Before I forget"
The Dream, an orchestral piece written by Jon (afaik not released) as addition to
Where are you? from the album Sarabande
Something from Dave Brubeck, if I understood Jon right it was called "Unsquare Dance", but I'm not too sure, anyone??
From Part 3 of PW: Music for Miriam, Wait a while
Gigue from the album "Sarabande"
Stop from Sam Brown's first album "Stop!"
Bouree from the album "Sarabande"

Comments: This one smoked (in more than one sense).
A really tight show, with very energetic playing from everyone.

Highlights were Wait A While with a very passionate Sam Brown, Gigue from Sarabande (with a very familiar "smoking" riff slipped in by the Cellist, Hagen when Jon wasn't looking ;-) and a brilliant version of Bouree to end the show.

After the show Jon again signed everything handed to him (I'm now proud owner of signed copies of "First of the Big Bands" and "Malice in Wonderland") and chattet to the fans. What a great guy........


Christian Rutz