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Review Jon Lord, 21.May, Halle

I've been to the Jon Lord Show at the Steintor Variete in Halle, here's what I think about it.

The venue was absolutely lovely, a theater with two ranks upstairs, holding about 1000 people I estimated, with a great sound.
Unfortunately only around 400-500 people turned up, this was a little bit disappointing, but the crowd was in a very good mood and very attentive.

Support Act was again the A-Capella Formation "Vocaleros", it was their last gig as support for Jon, they told us after the show that they won't be at the Munich show due to other commitments, so here a small thank you to Stefan, Mario, Serge, Sabine and Inga. See you soon........

The setlist was the same as the two shows in Berlin and Cologne, so I won't repeat it here.

A big surprise was Jon himself, he didn't have his hair in a ponytail as usual but wore it open.
It was an incredible sight, he looked like a saint or an eremit or someone similar holy, clothed in black with his white hair flowing down on his shoulder (for a similar appearance see Sean Connery in the beginning of The Rock). If the photos taken by a friend turn out halfway decent I'll post them on the web.

Musically they again turned up the energy a notch compared to Berlin, with more and longer soloparts.
The middlepart ot Gigue again was expanded, this time it was Jon who played a really long piano part and Mario's drum solo also turned out longer and better then the nights before.
Imho Sam Brown still was holding a little bit back on the high notes, but not as obviously as the night before.

All in all another outstanding performance of the ensemble.


Christian Rutz