Machine Head 25th - VINYL

The vinyl is purple again, like "In Rock" 25th and "Made In Japan" 25th, but was not used on the 25th of "Fireball." The "other side" of each lp has a picture being the "cover pic" like CD 1 of the CD set, and "this side" being the familiar Purple records "P" logo on each of the two lp's.

The cover is exactly the same as the CD booklet's outer pages, except that the front cover has a small black border and says "Anniversary Edition" at the top. The gatefold sleeve of the original is reproduced with the notes and additional pictures from the CD reproduced on the lp liners and a few of the notes on the inside of the gatefold (or, if you like, the lp liners' notes and pictures reproduced in the CD booklet!)

The pressing is excellent - same quality as "In Rock" was and the MIJ 25th is. Included is the same lyric sheet that came with the original lp (muchas, MUCHAS gracias - don't forget this for WDWTWA 25th, gents!) Highly recommended, but this is, of course, a "you already knew that.

Brian Hathaway

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