Machine Head 25th, a review

I was happy to find a promo-copy of MH 25th in my mailbox this morning. Just a gatefold sleeve copy of the original, with "25th Anniversary Edition" added in the middle. It's a stunning album as Stathis already pointed out. Despite the fact that it is 31 degrees hot outside, I think I stay inside, close to the cd-player today.

Tracks and Lenghts (approx)

CD 1CD 2
(1997 remixes) 
Highway Star6:38Highway Star6:07
Maybe I'm A Leo5:21Maybe I'm A Leo4:50
Pictures Of Home5:23Pictures Of Home5:04
Never Before3:58Never Before3:58
Smoke On The Water6:15Smoke On The Water5:40
Space Truckin'4:54SpaceTruckin'4:33
When A Blind Man Cries 3:31When A Blind Man Cries3:31
  Maybe I'm A Leo (quad)4:56
  Lazy (quadrophonic mix)6:54

The current copy everyone has of Machine Head can indeed easliy be replaced by cd 2 of this set, but I'm going for cd 1 this time.
Machine Head is an album that you think can't be beaten in it's quality. However, the remixed album beats the original soundwise. It's almost like listening to a new Purple album, except for going "hey, this sounds familiar!" Some of the tracks are longer because some studio chat is preceding a song or is audible after a take. For instance, after Lazy, you hear someone screaming of pleasure, and some comments of I think purple guys going like "felt good", and "sounded great". The drum intro of Maybe I'm A Leo is really like Ian sits next to you and brought his drumset over to your house, whereas the remixed Pictures of Home has a drum intro which sounds much more pompeous, much fatter. Smoke on the Water has an entire other solo in it. Where the 'normal' version first repeats the riff twice before Ritchie starts soloing, on the remixed version he starts at 2:42 with his solo, creatively searching for the final one to be recorded, but nevertheless inspired. The end of the song sounds more like a jam, Gillan ramblin and Blackmore riffing. The 'new' When A Blind Man Cries is the best dessert I've ever tasted. When the song's over, I might have heared the rotating of Jon's speakers, crying of joy about this classic new classic.
I'm not gonna say more, go listen yourselves!