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Rod Evans...

was born on 19th January 1947 in Slough, Great Britain. (The info available on Rod Evans is very scarce, especially his post-purple days. Thus we would appreciate any effort from anyone to add info to this page.)


Mid 1960s to 1966

The Horizons

People involved
Rod Evans (vcl); together with whoever else.


Sometime during 1966

The MI 5

People involved
Chris Banham (kbr); Rod Evans (vcl); Eric 'Jack' Keene (bss); Roger Lewis (gtr); Ian Paice (drm).

Evans joined The MI 5, where he met Paice. They recorded one single - "You'll Never Stop Me Loving You".

Albums & singles
You'll Never Stop Me Loving You/Only Time Will Tell : UK 1966 Parlophone R 5486

Material from above appears on...
The Deep Purple Family Album [cd] : UK 1993 Connoisseur RP VSOP CD 187


1966 to March 1968

The Maze

People involved
Chris Banham (kbr); Rod Evans (vcl); Eric 'Jack' Keene (bss); Roger Lewis (gtr); Ian Paice (drm).

The MI 5 became The Maze and released three singles as well as an EP recorded in Italy (released in France).

Albums & singles
Hello Stranger/Telephone : UK 1966 Reaction 591009
Aria Del Sud/Non Fatemio Odiare : Italy 1967 Polydor NH 59801
The Maze (Harlem Shuffle/What Now/The Trap/I'm So Glad) [ep] : France 1967 Vogue Int. 18136
Catteri, Catteri/Easy Street : UK 1967 MGM Records MGM1368

Material from above appears on...
The Sound Of The Sixties [Various Artists] : Europe 1984 Eva Records EV12021/2
Sixties Years - Vol 3 [Various Artists] : France 1997


March/April 1968


People involved
Ritchie Blackmore (gtr); Rod Evans (vcl); Jon Lord (kbr); Nick Simper (bss); Ian Paice (drm).

Rod Evans auditioned for the embryonic Deep Purple. He brought Ian Paice with him, and they both got jobs. Roundabout actually toured Scandinavia in April, whereafter they changed their name to Deep Purple.


April 1968 to July 1969

Deep Purple Mk I

People involved
Ritchie Blackmore (gtr); Rod Evans (vcl); Jon Lord (kbr); Ian Paice (drm); Nick Simper (bss).

Evans sings lead on Deep Purple's pioneering albums, Shades of Deep Purple (1968), Book of Taliesyn (1968) and Deep Purple (1969). Even before the third album sees its release, both Evans and Simper are sacked.

Albums & singles
See the Deep Purple Discography


July 1969 to 1972

It seems as if Evans did close to nothing for some years, music-wise that is. There's one promo single dating from this period. (There could be more.) He attented medical school somewhere in the states.

Albums & singles
Hard To Be Without You/You Can't Love A Child Like A Woman [promo] : US 1971 Capitol P-2963


1972 to 1973

Captain Beyond

People involved
Bobby Caldwell (drm/prc/kbr/bvc); Lee Dorman (bss); Rod Evans (vcl); Rhino [= Larry Rhinehart] (gtr).

Captain Beyond's debut album had no title. It's often referred to simply as "Captain Beyond", or "First".

Albums & singles
Captain Beyond [lp; no title] : US 1972 Capricorn CPN 0105
Captain Beyond [lp; 3D-cover] : 1972?
Captain Beyond [cd] : Japan 1990 Polydor POCP-1826


1973 to 1977?

Captain Beyond

People involved
Lee Dorman (bss); Rod Evans (vcl); Guille Garcia (prc); Paul Hornsby (kbr); Larry Rhinehart (gtr); Marty Rodrigues (drm); Reese Wynans (pno).

Albums & singles
Sufficiently Breathless [lp] : US 1973 Capricorn
Sufficiently Breathless [cd] : Japan 1990 Polydor POCP-1827
Sufficiently Breathless [cd] : US May 1998 Capricorn/Polymedia 536107-2


Late 1970s

After some years with Captain Beyond, Evans wanted to get back to the "straight" world. Having studied medicine earlier, he now became a director of respiratory therapy at some West American hospital. There he stayed till someone suggested a Deep Purple reunion.


During 1980

(Bogus) Deep Purple

People involved
Geoff Emery (kbr); Rod Evans (vcl); Tony Flynn (gtr); Dick Jurgens (?); Tom De Rivera (?).

Evans foolheartedly joined a fake Deep Purple reunion. They did a few gigs in the Americas. The reviews of these gigs haven't been nice. Nor were apparently the shows themselves. Pyrotechnics, glitter, chainsaws, poor sound, poor performance, complete slaughter. The fake Deep Purple was dragged into court by the original Deep Purple members/managers. Evans & Co lost.

Read more about it in our special feature.

Following the above incident, Evans (apparently) left the music business altogether, which is a pity, because he has a good voice. Rumours claim he's returned to the West Coast hospital he once worked at. Some say it's in California. Others say they don't know.