What's the address to the Deep Purple Appreciation Society?

To join, write to CeeDee Mail Ltd, who now are handling the subscriptions:

CeeDee Mail Ltd. (DP)
PO Box 14
IP14 4BR

They should be able to supply much faster service than what Simon could do, as this IS their full time jobs. :-)

To send submissions to the magazine, comments to Simon Robinson etc, the address still is:

Deep Purple (International) Appreciation Society
P.O. Box 254
Sheffield S6 1DF
South Yorkshire

Be sure to include TWO International Reply Coupons (IRC) with all correspondence, will ya? (Bought at your local post office) (Or include a SSAE if you're in the U.K., naturally.)

Their magazine, Darker than Blue is essential for Purple fanatics. 49 issues out at the time of writing, the DPAS started out in 1975 as the "Ritchie Blackmore Appreciation Society", and is run by Simon Robinson, probably the person who knows most about the band. His known policy of speaking his mind ensures that you'll not get an uncritical writeup of everything the band or its (former) members do.

If you do send anything, it would be a nice touch to tell them you learned about them from the Deep Purple WWW-pages / the alt.music.deep-purple newsgroup.

Last updated on 17. July 1997

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