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Deep Purple: Warm-up in Baden-Baden
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Fan Club "Aviator" at Deep Purple warm-up

Baden-Baden. Germany, July 5th, 1997

There are only a few moments in life when things are about to happen you wouldn't hardly dream of. At July 5th 1997, one day before the Deep Purple gig at the "Daytona Europe festival" in Lahr/Germany, such a thing happened to some people: Andree Schneider, Woody Woodstock, Hagen Wolf and Thomas Helber of the German "Aviator"-fan club had the unique chance to be guests at a Deep Purple warm-up.

How did this happen?

After the four "Aviators" finally made it to the hotel in Baden-Baden Deep Purple were staying at, they waited for about four hours until they had the chance to a small-talk with Steve Morse. Andree Schneider: "Steve was completely nice and complaisant and spend a lot of time on talking with us. Thomas Helber was the one who dared to ask if it would be possible for us to be guests at the warm-up in the evening. Steve's guitar-technican Warren "Scoot's" Lyndon had given us the information about this. Steve agreed with the idea cause he prefers having fans being present instead of people without any real interest in the music. After another two hours of waiting the deal was perfect: Colin Hart told us that we were aboard and that the band was about to leave in a few minutes. It's impossible to describe the feeling of happiness we had in that moment."

At the "Hans Rosbaud-studio", in it's normal life a practicing room for a symphonic orchestra, Deep Purple started in front of fifteen people (technicans, employees of the Suedwestfunk and the people from "Aviator"). They practiced "Into The Fire", "Bloodsucker", "Hush", "Fireball", "Ted The Mechanic", "Cascades" and "Rosa's Cantina". Especially "Into The Fire" was practiced hard as Deep Purple hadn't played this song for twentyfive years. Andree Schneider: "I was totally fascinated how enthusiastic the band was playing. One who thinks that such a warm-up is just an annoying duty for the guys of Deep Purple is totally wrong. The joy and happiness of playing together after some months of pausing was easy to notice. The joking around between the songs especially Jon Lord was doing showed us how great the feeling in the band is. Ian Gillans voice was in great shape - just as it was the next evening. What else could a fan dream about?"

The warm-up took about two hours. But the dream wasn't over for the "Aviators". Once again Andree Schneider: "Roger Glover agreed spontaneously to do an interview for our fan-mag. We sat down together in the hotel for about ninety minutes. The interview plus a detailed review of the rehersal will be printed in the next issue of "The Aviator". Besides that it will also contain an interview with Micky Lee Soule, who's working as Jon Lord's keyboard technican. For all those interested in the mag just a little warning: it's completly written in German!"

Deep Purple Fan-Club Aviator
Huvenweg 13
D-57234 Wilnsdorf

Original text supplied by Andree Schneider
Translation and HTML transfer by Andreas Thul
Photos by Woody Woodstock

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