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Pompano show

I just wanted to contribute my thoughts of the Pompano Show as well. It was my first DP show and I was truly in awe.
I must say that it was one of the best shows I 've ever been too.
My husband who followed them for years was grinning ear to ear at the sights and sound of the band. Ian was so on. I had heard that his voice was not up to par in these latter years, but the source of that statement was extremely wrong.
Gillan's voice is still amazing and sends chills.
There were less than 1000 people there which was sad for the band but great for the fans. It was a very personal show. The sound was pretty good except for the guitar - way too loud and would drowned out Gillan on occasion.
Steve Morse was amazing.
Jon Lord was tops, however, he needed to let his hair down.
Paice was awesome, as usual.
Glover was having a good old time, jumping around and jammin'.
It was indeed an incredible show.

Laura Castanza

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