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Deep Purple

I just came back from the concert in Ft.Lauderdale on dec.7 97. I've been waiting 20 years to see DP. You have NO IDEA what they mean to me and my gang of about 30 when I was a kid.THEY WERE UNBELIEVEABLE! FANTASTIC! The guys were tight, and Steve was UNREAL! They sounded BETTER than 29 tears ago. There was one thing I want the guys to know and I wish you people could tell me their e-mail address, please. I've been waiting 20 years to hear the old gangs favorite song,that is Lazy. I CAN'T BELIEVE THEY DIDN'T PLAY FREAKIN LAZY! THE WHOLE CROWD WAS YELLING LAZY AND THEY DIDN'T PLAY IT! I went into a web site about DP and on a vote of all time favorite songs. Lazy is always #2 or #3. I am SO, SO, disappointed I can't tell you and I really wanted these guys to know. Like I said the crowd was yelling Lazy more than any, any other song! WHY, WHY, WHY?????

Gary Landry

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