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Deep Purple concert in Costa Rica

Deep Purple concert in Costa Rica was held on Feb 8th at the Anfiteatro Hotel Herradura.
We were about three thousand people there, very ansious because we have been waiting for them a very long time ago.
OK, the concert. It began at 7:30p.m., with the band Ghandi (Costa Rica) as first band, very young people but with a lot of desire to create good rocknīroll.
DP arrived half an hour later, the first song they played : Hush, with all of us singing the entire song, then came, Pictures of Home, Woman from Tokyo, Smoke on the Water, Perfect Strangers, Highway Star, Speed King (the last one), Fireball, and maybe four or five songs which I donīt remember at this moment.
Two hours of good rock'n'roll and a lot of memories from when I was a teenager.

All I have to say: Thanks Deep Purple!

Verny Herra

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