[ d e e p P u r . p l e ) The Highway Star

New Orleans Show - Friday, December 12th

I do not know where to begin. Ian Gillan was fantastic. No one can ever accuse him of 'losing it' when referring to his magnificent voice. He was incredible. Deep Purple brought the 'House" down when they opened with Hush, and their last encore, Highway Star completed the frenzy. Some of the notes Ian Gillan hit were unbelievable. He went note-for-note with Steve Morse while they tried to out-duel each other. Jon Lord, was excellent, Ian Paice as well, and I did not realize how animated Roger Glover was when he plays Live. Ian Gillan did the thing with his fingers throughout the entire show as he was really into it. They could have replaced whats-his-name with any guitarist, but I have to admit that Morse is a perfect fit. This is a happy band that has a great time. This was definitely the SHOW OF THE YEAR in New Orleans and all of my friends that attended thanked me for letting them know that Deep Purple was coming way ahead of time.We are very lucky that all the members are still alive, and that Deep Purple is still touring. Many doubted me when I told them how great the reviews have been but now they are believers. Ian Gillan is THE sound of Deep Purple, though there have been other lead singers. And with support from Glover, Paice, Lord, andf Paice, Deep Purple will go down as one of the all time Rock n' Roll bands. They play again tonight and I will of course be there. It was awesome!


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