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House of Blues Jan 29

Yes, finally I get to see purple for the first time since 1990!!! living on the west coast can be hard for Purple fans.
The band still sounds supreme and Ian Gillan sings like an angel.
The only thing, I still find it odd to see Purple on stage without Ritchie, it's like the first time you meet your mother's boyfriend after your parents divorce. You can tell she's happy and you're happy for her... Don't get me wrong, Steve Morse is awesome and Purpendicular is my favourite album since Perfect Strangers... Still, it's kind of odd. I love the songlist, didn't make sense to keep playing Made in Japan for 30 years, I loved the In Rock and Fireball stuff. I would have loved to hear Demon's Eye or Never Before, who knows maybe next time. They also played a new tune: 7th heaven... Outstanding!!!!


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