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12/13 New Orleans show review

WOW!! What a rockshow! I thought I went back to the rocking 70's again. The House of Blues in the crescent city was a fine intimate setting (1,000 people SRO) for this powerful and heavy display of rock 'n roll. The show lasted 1 hour 45 minutes. I was five people back from stage directly in front of Steve (Dregs) Morse. Unbelievable what he can do. He made that guitar his bitch. Excellent lead and my ears are still ringing. Jon was as animated as anyone I've ever seen on keyboards. Gillan is the man. He can wail with the best. His hair was everywhere. Paice was banging everything perfectly. Glover never stood still. He was moving into and with every riff. They were always smiling and looked like they were having the time of their lives. We were too. My favorites were "Ted", "Fire", "Perfect Strangers", .... Oh well, all of them were to be honest. If anyone is wondering whether to see them on this tour, I would say you better not miss it. They will literally rock you the entire time and not let up for one second. You will walk away with an enormous amount of energy and a smile on your face. You will have gone back in time. They looked like they gave all they had and left it on the stage. We can ask no more. Except, don't be strangers. Come back soon to the Big Easy.

Eric Sloan

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