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Deep Purple at the House of Blues - Chicago Dec 15

What can I say....this was an incredible concert. The last time I saw DP was in '86 when they got back together and I still remember being somewhat dissapointed. This time was a totally different experience. A smaller venue like the House of Blues gives you a chance to get really close to the stage and watch the band play off each other. Ian Gillan was superb... I recently bought Live at the Olympia and I thought that was a fabulous concert, I think Ian was even better at this one. In fact, all of them were dead on and if you closed your eyes you would swear you were listening to the CD. I thought Steve's work on the CD was great... When you see him from that close and watch him doing some amazing guitar work, ...it's great to see how the rest of the band really get off on his guitar playing. I went with a couple of buddies who were not real DP fans but were coerced by me into going. At the end of the concert, they were thanking me for making them come. I dont have a lot of other adjectives to describe this concert except to say it was one of the best concerts I have been too. Given their current form I have no doubt the new CD is something to look forward to... They are playing Chicago tonight and tomorrow night and for anyone thats still thinking about it... GO. YOU WILL NEVER FORGET THIS ONE.

Sumit Roy

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