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House of Blues
Dec 6th, 1997
Orlando, FL

A cold night(for Orlando)..... a wonderful venue, filled to capacity..... and a fabulous band. This must have been the best show that I have seen in ten years. It was genuinely a treat to see a band of this calibre, play with such energy and actually enjoying themselves while duing it. No glitz. No make- up. Just pure Rock and Roll.

For those who have never seen Steve Morse perform live, you don't know what your missing. This is your chance to see, by far, the best guitarist in the business. He has added a whole new dimension to Deep Purple's music, both old and new.

From starting off with Hush, the show never slowed down. Ian Gillian's voice has never sounded better. I was really happy to hear Ted the Mechanic, from Perpendicular, performed live. Two new cuts were a preview of great stuff to come on the new album.

Crisp, clean, fresh and exciting are the best words to explain this show, right down to the encore of Perfect Strangers.

Deep Purple, as a whole, has stood the test of time and has alot more to offer.

Will Bryle

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