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1/28/98 DP Los Ang.el.es HOB review

What another great DP experience! I went down to Los Angeles from the Bay Area for 2 DP shows, the Wed. and Thurs. shows 1/28 & 1/29/98. Wednesday's show was great! I met many, many online folks, some for the first time, some again. I was able to get a DP t-shirt for this tour, as they had one for sale finally on this tour (heard they didn't have these for the rest of this tour), has the _!_ logo, tour dates except Phoenix on the back. Los Ang.el.es, way it's spelled on there :-). I stood right up front for this one, not two feet from Roger Glover most of the show, as were a few other online folks. Opening act was pretty dull, modern rock, not exciting. DP came on about 10:30 PM, great energy, good show! RG and IP rocked from moment one, Roger especially cut through (as I was right in front of him). I couldn't hear the vocals well where I was, or the keys except when Jon played on his own, and that did sound great. Morse was really good, he puts a lot of heart into his playing, yet has fun up there all the time! Setlist (I think in this order):

Into the Fire
Pictures of Home (Paicey had a cymbal fly of on this tune, and they couldn't fix it the rest of the show)
Ted the Mechanic
Black Night
Woman From Tokyo
Seventh Heaven
No One Came
When a Blind Man Cries
Speed King (snippet of Not Fade Away)
Perfect Strangers
Highway Star

Got to chat a moment with Colin Hart, SM (and Mrs. Morse), RG after the show, great fun. Even saw Tony Iommi back there! Hope the cybercast showed what we saw in person, this band rockin'!

Michael Friedman

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