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HOB 1/30 AND 1/31

I saw Friday and Saturday's shows in Hollywood... both were excellent. Some quick points the I recall:

Friday was some sort of corporate party for JBL? Sound. This was great because most of the "suits" were just hangin' around and I was three deep from the stage with no bother.

Saturday was way more crowded but just as great, they added one song that I could remember, Rosa's...

The band sounded great especially Jon Lord... he commands such respect behind the organ. Gillan sounded good, but was out of breath a lot. I could go without Ian P and Roger's head gear could, they should just let is shine!

These were the first time I have ever seen Steve Morse live......he is very good, but his solo's are a little repetitive and a little 'guitar heroish' for me, but I loved the way he added his own flair to the rythym parts of the classics, especially 'Smoke' and Perfect Strangers.

I wish I would have seen all four shows, but...


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