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Last night Deep Purple returned to Chicago for a set at The House Of Blues. I got to see them at the Rosemont last November and I have to say the the HOB's is a much better venue for a concert. The acoustics are better and it's more of a party atmosphere. The opening act came on at 9pm and played for an hour (much too long).

Purple came on at 10:30, as a blue collar worker 10:30 is rather late on a Monday night for a concert to start. They were well worth the wait though. They played for just under two hours. Everyone in the band seemed to be having a good time up on stage, alot of talking to each other and some beer drinking as well.

They played the same set as LOTO with a few changes;

Into the fire - this was real cool, Steve got into this one.

Blood sucker - Excellent song here, I hope they keep it in there set next time they are in town.

Seventh Heaven - From there forth coming studio Album. A real rocker. great guitar by Steve.

Prior to Smoke on the Water, Steve played a few riffs from a bunch of rock classics like Heartbreaker, Burn, some hendrix tunes ....

My buddy Bill has never seen Purple and he really enjoyed there show. I'm looking forward to there next visit. Just drop the opening act and play a longer set please. Overall and excellent show. Thanks guys.

Into the Fire
Ted the Mechanic
Pictures of Home
Steve Morse Guitar Solo (Including bits of solo from "I'm Not Your Lover")
Black Night
Sometimes I Feel Like Screaming
Woman from Tokyo
Seventh Heaven
No One Came
Smoke on the Water
Jon Lord Organ Solo
When A Blind Man Cries
Speed King

Perfect Strangers
Highway Star


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