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Random thoughts about the tour and next year

DP are having so much fun on stage they should be paying us to watch :)

Steve's playing on the old songs. His solos in POH are better than the original (IMHO, of course!). Really emotional in WABMC, I thought he was overplaying last year. The noodling before SOTW, the intro to HS, the solo in BN at the second Chicago show!!!

The strobe finale to No one Came. Looks like 5 guys all doing their own thing and about to descend into total chaos, but holds together. Amazing!

Ian hitting the high notes on Bloodsucker every night. He sounds better than ever, certainly better than last year.

Seventh Heaven is a great song.

SIFLS is a live classic, the second show in Chicago suffered (very slightly!) without it.

Joe Lynn Turner is a mediocre singer who seems to be making a living singing covers of songs he doesn't like . Oops sorry, wrong thread.

It was great meeting up with a bunch of amdp/ internet fans. Does any other band have such a devoted international following? In Chicago we were represented by Canada, Turkey, Switzerland, Scotland, England, Detroit, Kansas City and Collin the honorary Chicagoan!

Finally meeting the band after listening to them for nearly 20 years. Thanks to Steve, Roger and Ian for taking the time to talk to us (very) late at night. Not to mention Secil (aka Mini Gillan) getting to sit on Ian's lap for a picture, she's still floating! :)

Doug's kilt and the reactions of people on the streets of Chicago. :)

Disclaimer: I love Ritchie, SIUA is a good album. I saw that lineup 3 times, including a storming show in Zurich 1995. I hope the Dio reunion happens, then we get 2 great bands rather than one unhappy band.

And we get to see them play! Personally, I only got to see 4 DP shows between 1985 and 1993, and had tickets for 2 cancelled shows. From 1994-1997 I've managed to see 11 DP/Rainbow shows (none bad), and it looks like we'll get a whole lot more next year. Do we have anything to complain about? Oh yes, SM isn't a Blackmore clone and plays pinched harmonics:)

Anyway, happy holidays to everyone we met in Chicago: Jim, Rico, Don, Glenn, Ron, Collin and Doug, and to everyone else in amdp land. See some of you next year.


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