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LA HOB Thurs. Night Review

Well, tonight was the second of four shows. Last night's show was good, but a little sloppy. The sound was great, but the band definitely had room to improve. It didn't take long for the little bit of band rust to disappear because they turned in one of the best DP shows I've ever seen.

Opening Act
Zebrahead was the name of tonight's opening act, and I hated them. A bunch of white kids rapping (barking) over ska/hip-hop influenced tunes while jumping up and down like a pogo stick. No, DP fans are not going to find that entertaining. I know I've read Mr. Paice calling rap music, crap, so why are were being forced to listen to this noise? At least the kids seems a little more competent than last night's Far. But I couldn't understand one word that the singer said during the set. Thank God, they only played for 30 minutes. Does anyone have the phone number of the New Meanies manager - quickly??!!

Deep Purple
Magnificient. Outstanding. Explosive. Flawless. Brilliant. Super-Duper. All these words can be used to describe DP's show this evening. It was one of those special nights when all the ingredients which make up a wonderful DP night gelled. I'm convinced that the energy of the psyched audience greatly added to the show, as well. Jon, Roger and Little Ian were really good tonight, but the VIP awards go out to Steve and Big Ian. Steve was just a pleasure to listen to during the show; he played well on all the songs. Mr. Gillan was full of energy and in a great mood. Oh, and his singing was superb. He still needed to check the lyric book a few times, but hey, he's got all these new songs on his mind right now - give him a break ;-) Also, Ian made a very big announcement before Seventh Heaven, telling the audience that the name of the new CD will be ABANDON. I hope I got that right, he said it Friday and Saturday as well. Ian, and the band, seemed to have a lot of fun tonight. Hell, Big Ian played bartender and passed out beers to the crowd...what a guy!!! Favorite Songs Tonight: Seventh Heaven, PoH, Black Night was fun, Fireball. Unfortunately, some assholes started causing problems towards the end of the show, pushing and shoving to get to the front of the stage. That distracted from the show a bit. But other than that, the show was purfectly purple. Other notables: Same set list as Wednesday, with the addition of Rosa's Cantina. Jon had his old leslie speakers back on stage tonight. Many of us on the floor saw a camcorder on the second floor railing all night, so look for the show on trading lists soon.

Of course this review is IMO and YMMV if you were there ;-)

Dana McDermott

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