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Dec 13th New Orleans Show

    Not really a die-hard Deep Purple fan, I went to the New Orleans show mainly to watch a good friend of mine watch his first Deep Purple concert ever. He was entertaining, what with the constant erection all day Friday and Saturday. I sincerely think he actually blew a load about 30 bars into Hush.
    As a music fan with a passing acquaintance with Deep Purple I must say I was impressed with the show. The House of Blues is a very good venue if a little overstuffed for my tastes. The band was tighter than an unwilling nine year old (which is a good thing for a band). Lord's dual Leslies really blew me away, especially the fugue-ish ending to Smoke on the Water.
    It's fun to watch a group that's having fun, and those five guys really were. Not as much fun as the stage-diving guy who hit the floor twice, maybe, but fun anyway. Overall, I give the band a ten. I don't know if I would drive eight hours through the worst snow storm central Mississippi has had in eighty years again just to see them, but a couple of hours in a light rain for sure.

David Williams

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