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Mexico City Concert

The Feb. 4th. show was simply excellent, even though there were no big extras like lasers, or other fancy things. I like it this way. Leave those "extras" to artists who do not have DPs history.

The best thing was the sound of the concert. The Auditorio Nacional is one of the best venues for rock concerts. I know many of them in the US and none compares to this one.

10,000 Deep Purple fanatics can not be wrong, everyone one of us enjoyed the whole show. The list set was perfect since it was an excellent complement to the set they played here in 1994. Who knows if we will get the chance to experience this once again. I mean now I have heard most of my favourites songs live.

They, DP members, were simply very professional, and it seemed they also were very much enjoying themselves as the crowd was demonstrating its love and admiration to the group.

They did play "Smoke on the Water", and various of the great ones. The one I like best and suprise me most was "Into the Fire". Steve even played a little of "La Bamba", no doubt good detail.

Excuse me if I commited a writing error, remember English is not our first language, but DPs music goes beyond those barriers.

In short an excellent and fantastic show.

Raul Quijas

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