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House of Blues 1-29-98

Being a Deep Purple fan since MADE IN JAPAN, I was happy to see the band play again. This time in a intimate venue. The show was great! We were right in front of the stage where Roger was performing. Although the whole band put out 100%, I was so happy to see the BIG smile on Roger's face and his intense enthusiasm. He played like he was in a band just starting to make it big. A lot of times performances loose a bit to the crowd in a big stadium or arena. I will always remember this show and Rogers amazing performance!

It was also nice to hear some older songs that were never released live before! I hope the band realizes how much their fans appreciate them and keep doing concerts and putting out new stuff, especially live material! Seems like (to me) Deep Purple puts out studio albums to create new material to play live. All the new Perpendicular stuff was great live too!

Perhaps I'm a bit bias, but I really did enjoy the show. I hope there are Los Angeles tour dates when the new album with 7th Heaven is released. Next time, though, don't forget to play Lazy!

Bob Lopinski
Thousand Oaks, California

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