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LA HOB Sat. Night Review

Before the four LA shows, I predicted that the Saturday show was going to be the best. It was the first to sell out and I had a feeling the place was going to be packed with DP fanatics. And I was right :-) I must be psychic!!

Opening Act
Tonight's band was called Ohm, a really good three-piece rock fusion band. I, and I think most of the audience, immediately liked them judging from the applause. The drummer and guitarist were excellent musicians. The band reminded me a bit of the Steve Morse Band on speed. Good melodic instrumentals which showed off the member's talents. Nice Hendrix cover too. Their 30 minute set went by too quickly. I wouldn't mind hearing some more from Ohm in the future.

Deep Purple
Tonight's show might have been the best DP show I've ever seen. It was stunning!! All five members were fabulous and full with energy, with special recognition going out to Jon. He was really into the show from the start of Hush and I think that, along with the cheering audience, elevated the band. I think he really enjoyed tonight judging by how much he was singing along with the tunes, notably SIFLS. Also, his keyboard solo was 3 times longer tonight than any of the other shows (usually a sign that the band's having a good night). Ian's voice was superb for the fourth night in a row. How his throat handles the screams in Into the Fire and Bloodsucker each night is amazing. Steve was his wonderful stuff, proving what a fine guitarist he is. (You run out of adjectives trying to describe how neato DP are in concert - see I'm scraping the bottom now :-) I especially liked the start of SOTW tonight when he played snippets of Stairway to Heaven and Heartbreaker (just for me - ha ;-)
Steve and Jon jammed more tonight than at any of the other HOB shows I attended. Roger and Paicey were flawless as usual. Having spent four nights near Roger, you really grow to appreciate the way he helps keep the band grounded while adding and changing little bits in the songs each night. That's one of the many reasons why DP are so exciting to see live and why a person can enjoy four shows in a row. As for the set list, it was the same as Thursday night, with Rosa's Cantina being the only addition. The Outstanding Tunes: WABMC (I've never heard a more beautiful version than tonights), Bloodsucker (killer) and any of the songs Steve and Jon traded licks on: PoH, SK and HS. Overall, I'd give tonight a 9 on a 1 to 10 scale.

Not only was tonight the fourth sold out night for DP at the LA HOB, but it was also the world premier of the new movie, Blues Brothers 2000. Do you wanna guess where the late night party took place? Yup, you're psychic too. Danny and the boys held their party in the Foundation Room across from DP's main dressing room. Because of the BB party, DP's guest were not allowed upstairs (which the band didn't know until after the show) and the band were asked to give up one of their two dressing rooms (and this is the gratitude the band is shown for selling out how many HOB shows ;-). It was interesting overhearing some of the conversations. A very LA-type woman, a reporter, walks up to tour manager Colin Hart, pats him on the arm and says, "Ian, you're drumming was so wonderful tonight." Hello?! Or some fellow walks up to Big Ian, shakes his hand and says, "Ian GILLIAN, your singing was fantastic." Cluestick please, extra-large. I guess the only way to solve these problems is to have DP play LA more often than once every 10 years.

Can't wait to see the next tour after ABANDON is released!!

Over and out for now,
Dana McDermott

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