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1/31/98 review

I saw Deep Purple at the House of Blues last night. I've seen Deep Purple live 3 times. Once at the CalJam, The Forum (both Coverdale days). I was always disappointed that I never got to see them during the classic MkII days.

I also saw the reunion tour of the '80s

This was the first time I've seen Deep Purple and didn't feel ripped off. They played a two hour set of the greatest MKII music, the band was in great shape (you could even ignore the fact that it was a bunch of old guys). I felt like I'd seen a great show instead of seeing some sort of musical freak show.

I guess I don't miss Ritchie. He was good for his day, but he's forgotten that he's an entertainer. His job is to entertain the audience, not try to get them and his band to worship at his feet.

Steph Greenberg

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