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Deep Purple Pre-show

Im preparing to see Deep Purple at THOB in Hollywood CA. I live in El Paso, TX and will drive over 700 miles, Its worth the drive to see the greatest band in the world live.
I have seen DP once in Nov 1994. That time I drove about 900 miles. I saw them play in Monterrey Mexico. That was quite a drive from El Paso and an adventure.
By the way, I meet Jon Lord and got his autograph. I saw Ian Paice drive by next to us. I also walked by Steve Morse and even saw each other eye-to-eye. But since it was only his second day with Purple I did not recognice him.
The cool thing was that we got kinda a pre show becouse we arrived early while the band was rehearsing to MIALeo.
It was great day besides everything we had press passes and were served drinks and food next to backstage and were able to take pictures.
Im sure I'll enjoy them this time as I did three years ago. Cant wait.

ozzie c.

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