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Deep Purple in Atlanta

I am writing this two days after the show, as I am back to Greensboro, NC.
I have to admit that seeing Deep Purple was a childhood dream of mine. As you can imagine, I was wondering in advance would that be a disappointment? I love _|_ but still. Anyway, as everybody else already said, the group is increadible and the set was total joy!
I have only seen Ian Gillan in Sofia, Bulgaria (I am a Bulgarian student at UNCG) during the Toolbox tour and he was very good then but it was some 6 years ago! Now, seeing all of them having fun and smiling, it indeed brought to my memory the words Roger Glover had said some 25 years ago about the ball of feelings going back and forth between the stage and the audience! The hall gave a very intimate feeling to the concert and everybody seemed to enjoy themselves - both audience and musicians!
I thank sincerely to Deep Purple for the pure pleasure!
My older brother started teaching me to appreciate DP music when I was around 6 years old and I have to tell that since then I have gone through a variety of interests and try always to be honest about my admirations. But the truth is that Deep Purple gave a top performance and I can compare it to no other show I have seen in my life.
After the concert I tried to go backstage but Collin Hart (the tour manager, excuse my spelling!) was quite firm - NO! Anyway, I was just sorry that I didn't try to arrange anything through this webpage, since I knew I was going to Atlanta just because of DP! The retreat was chatting for a couple of minutes with Jon Lord ourside (below 0 Celsius, what temperature for the Southeast) - he was a total gentleman and pleasantly surprised me by knowing that Sofia is in Bulgaria when I invited him to Bulgaria for a dedicated audience (Well, I guess I am used already to the general US rule that noone knows where Bulgaria is - not trying to be mean ;-)
Well, I better stop here since my humble opinion is not that important! I really vervy much hope to see that band again! I look forward to the new CD; I think 7th Heaven was a truly progressive/hard rock jewel! The whole group is indeed a joy to watch and listen to!
Thanks again and may God bless you for your art!

Dimiter "Geri" Gerensky

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