[ d e e p P u r . p l e ) The Highway Star

Out Of This World...

Once upon a time, there was a band that came to earth in the late 60's. Tha first person who saw it, said: HUSH! ...Deep Purple is Here! They came down riding a FIREBALL, and landed in Geneva lake. SMOKE ON THE WATER was all over the place, and NO ONE CAME to witness the incident. Then, the band desides to take a tour to see the planet using a car. The driver becomes SPEED KING, due to his performance, and he got the platinum metal of HIGHWAY STAR.
They had such a good time here, that reminded them PICTURES OF HOME in any way. They enjoyed happiness like NEVER NEVER BEFORE till they saw what happens WHEN A BLIND MAN CRIES.
So, they decided to stop being PERFECT STRANGERS and become one with the humans and take them to... 7th HEAVEN!!!!
I can go on forever but I will stop here, saying something PURPENDICULAR...
I thank each and one of you gentlemen for the night at the HOUSE of BLUES in N.Orleans.
And for anybody who did not see the show, I got this: Don't be a BLOODSUCKER, enjoy life and get INTO THE FIRE of music by listening D.P
Do it before they go SPACE TRACKING once again....:-)

Dimitrios Deves

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