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Pompano Beach Amphitheater

My wife and I enjoyed the show. Although it was a bit cold for us we warmed up after the 2nd song. We played air guitar most of the night with the band. It may not be fair to Steve Morse to ask, but what happened to Blackmore? I missed his bluesey lead riffs. My ears and brain are use to hearing that guitar sound. The show was 2 hours of enjoyable rock n roll with Paise keeping the driving pace. Lord swelling the sound of the organ and Glover with his thumping of the bottom. Gillan with his loud screamin screams. I'm 38 years old and the audience looked old from 35-50's. You need to attract the younger crowd. But then I probably wouldn't be listening to ya. Keep on rockin'. Lower the volume a bit so next time we can hear Ian Gillan singing. He was being drowned out as the concert progressed.
Where is Blackmore? Is it true that Ian Gillan and Blackmore have ego battles? The warm up band sucked!!! Look forward buying your next cd. Thank you for rejuvinating my youth.

Frank Eckert

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