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No one knows for sure, but for us fans who had tickets we were lucky, because most of the ducats for this show were for industry types, specifically JBL whose personnel were in full view with ID passes around their necks. I didn't quite get the feeling the band came out firing with full enthusiasm - probably because they knew that a lot of the JBL types were there for the freebie, and not necessarily for Purple. In an earlier conversation with Ian G., he was certainly well aware of who was going to be in attendance. Nevertheless, I thought DP eventually "got into it" and put on another great show. Although I did notice some JBL types were not into it at all. However, talking with other fans later, they thought DP went down quite well and that this show was right up there with the rest of the shows. Steve skipped the extended intro into Smoke On the Water. I asked him about it later and it was just "a vibe thing."

Glen Miller

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