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DP Phoenix show

First of all I traveled 500 miles to Phoenix just to see DP. The fun starts before the show when I get a PURPLE chevy from the airports car rental booth.
My wife and I checked in at the hotel and decide to have dinner before the show.
It was around 7pm when we go down the the hotel's restaurant, walked in and to my left just 5ft away is Ian Paice and Jon Lord waiting to be served. Controlling my excitement inside of me I introduced myself and told them how highly I think of them and that they were the only band I would travel miles to see them. They both said thanks for traveling so far to catch their show. Ian P. and Jon both fine gentlemen.
So my wife and I sat a table away from them while they and us had dinner than later Roger walks in and chats with them.
Just moment later he was near our table and that was when I told him how much I love the band. He talked to my wife while I was running around looking for a pen so he could autograph a couple of CD's including Butterfly Ball (which he replyed "you should be hospitalized for having that album, it's only for maniacs.") But I'm a collecor. Thank you Roger you were absolutely fantastic you are too cool.
After dinner we headed to the show wich was only about 1 mile away. We had aftershow backstage passes (Thank You Colin Hart) and very good seats at the Celebrity Theater. The show started around 9:15 the band had a small circular and rotating stage to work.
I must say that I enjoyed this show from begenning to end, Gillan's voice was EXCELLENT.
The show opend with Hush- Fireball- Into the Fire- Ted the Mechanic (Gillan introduced this sond and said " ...it was inspired by a rotating stage...) Pictures of Home- Black Night- Bloodsucker- SIFLS- WFT- Seaventh Heaven- No one Came- SOTW- WABMC- Speedk King.
Encore songs were; Perfect Strangers and Highway Star.
The crowd went wild after the encore, several people just went toward the stage and so did I. Just excellent to get better pictures. Towards the end Ian Gillan gets a bottle and throws beer to the crowd.
After the show we go backstage where Steve Morse and Roger signed more autographs. Steve was talking to everyone, very fine man. Later they (Glover, Morse, Paice) leave in a white van but not without a mob of people hoping to get a glimpse of the band.
Never saw Ian Gillan in person I assume he left right after the show. I was hoping he would autograph his autobiography which I had a copy of. I had an absolutely wonderful time, hope DP tours the states again.

ozzie c.

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