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The HOB 12/15

This took such a long time to get together, with it being X-mas and all but I still have it in mind since that night in Chicago. Sorry for all the rest of the internet people that I met at the Best Western that night before and after the show, I had a ticket for the following show and I had a call that morning that was a family emergency, no time to wait, had to go. I know from reading the reviews of the Chicago shows on the three nights the shows got better each night, with a wedding to top it off on the 17th, wow! Well, arriving to a packed house on the 15th, I was fortunate enough to get right up front, by the left side of the stage. I didn't know it then, but I found out that I was standing behind one of the people that I met on the internet and I ended up meeting her, her mother and brother at the hotel after the show. They ended up driving from New York and then headed back home after the show!
Anyway, as far as my review of the show goes, I have seen Purple before several times when they were with RB. They seemed to be static at the time, with the improvisations neatly timed. I don't know, that was my observation at the time. Don't get me wrong, I still had a good time, but RB seemed to be in control of the band and I think that they needed some new blood. Needless to say, the time has finally come in the name of Steve Morse. I had a great view of the stage. The lighting was simple and there were a few spotlights that dotted the stage when the time came for solo's. I was looking forward to several songs that unfortunately they did not play, like CIT, Flight of the Rat, but you can't have everything! Here is the set list that was played that night......

Into the Fire
Ted the Mechanic
Pictures of Home
Steve's Solo - from Cascades
Black Night
Sometimes I Feel Like Screaming
Woman From Tokyo
Seventh Heaven - new song, liked this one!!
No One Came
Smoke on the Water
Jon Lord Solo
When a Blind Man Cries
Speed King
Ian Paice Solo
- Encore -
Perfect Strangers
Highway Star

As I had stated before, thee Ole Purple seemed to be static and showed no movement on stage. At the HOB the 15th that was not the case. Everyone had fun and was enjoying themselves, a new sense of commeradery that was not apparent before. I was not there to get backstage or take pictures, I was there for the experience, as about 1000 people were also. There were great individual performances as well. I did also notice the book by Ian's conga kit, but they did not impede any of the songs, new or old. It was just a great show.
One other thing, on my drive from Bettendorf, Iowa to Chicago, I had almost all of DP's cd's in my 12 disc changer in my car. The first 2 were the 25th anniversay remasters of In Rock and Fireball. If anyone out there thinks that it is just the same old songs, think again. On Fireball they have several songs, including one of my new (rhymes with ewe) favorites called Slow Train. I also like Freedom and thought it would of been a great encore, unfortunaly neither made it to the final album in 1971. After listening to them several times, I thought it should of been. In Rock was an introductory album for the kind of music that DP would follow for the rest of their career. Fireball was experimental, I think, but these 2 tracks were the precedent for things to come in the future. They should of been added to Machine Head. Ho, Ho, I have said my peace and can barely stare at my screen. Good luck DP with your album and upcoming world tour.


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