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New Orleans HOB review

Hi! I just recovered from spending Saturday night and Sunday morning on Bourbon Street with Ian Gillan, so this review is a little later coming than I meant for it to be. The set lists for both nights was the same and I haven't heard Gillan's voice so strong in many years. He was really in top form, hitting screams I doubt he's hit since 1983! For these two shows and the forthcoming one in Chicago, the opening band was the New Meanies, and they are very much worth checking out!!! They played a 45 min set of high energy, soulful blend of funky blues/heavy rock. They signed to Virgin and though they don't have any records here in the States yet (they're Canadian, eh!), they are selling promotional copies of the forthcoming cd and I highly recommend it! I went expecting a lousy opener, but these guys made a huge fan of me! Purple came on in short order and the set list is as follows: Hush, Fireball, Into the Fire, Ted the Mechanic, Pictures of Home, Steve's solo, Black Night, Bloodsucker, Sometimes I Feel Like Screaming, Woman From Tokyo, Seventh Heaven, No One Came, Smoke on the Water, Jon's solo, When a Blind Man Cries, Speed King with an encore of Perfect Strangers, and Highway Star. Despite some sound problems the first night, the music was really solid, and the band absolutely radiated with their newfound air of exuberance, enthusiasm, teamwork, and fun! These guys are obviosly very pleased and were enjoying themselves immensely! I met everyone but Paicey after the show and all were very kind and gracious. Anyway, that's the New Orleans review. As I mentioned, I'm completely Gillaned out and need to have an aspirin and a lie down. All who have tickets for these shows are in for a treat!


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