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Atlanta show

DP just stopped playing 20 minutes ago, and my opinion is...it was AWESOME! The band is tight and clean, and played a good long set with a variety of tunes. Here are some highlights of what I saw:

Opened the show with "Hush". Several songs I didn't know (I don't know much new stuff) then "Pictures of Home" - perfectly, couldn't have been better also "Smoke on the Water" with improvised Morse solo "When a Blind Man Cries" was included in there somewhere "My Woman From Tokyo" kicked it.
Closed the show to a packed house of ~2500 with "Highway Star" including mostly Blackmorish solo.

Steve Morse played a royal blue Music Man strat style guitar with single coil and humbuckers.

Roger Glover played several different basses (a "Virage" maybe?).

Ian Gillan looked a little tired and a tad heavy but his voice was as good as I have ever heard it; he was in fine form tonight.

Ian Paice also looked a little chunky but played well even though his drum solo was WAY too short...

Jon Lord had a fantastic lick-trading interlude with Steve (forget which song it was in though, sorry).

PA overall sounded good, the hall is a small one and the acoustics were pretty dead, so they added some ambience in the mix.

Lighting was very simple, just overhead spots and two hanging banks of spots offstage on either side.

Finally, the whole band was joking around, smiling, and looked to be having a great time playing. And that's what it's all about!! Y'all won't be disappointed in this show!!

Dave in Atlanta

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