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Concert review, February 8th.

The magic has gone, the lights are over, the sweat, the emotion, everything lives in our memories now... But what a memory! The best concert ever in the history of Costa Rica, struck us like a thunderbolt, after more than an hour of delay, plus the opening act (no comments). I finally saw Roger taking the right side of the stage, then Steve, Ian (Paice), Jon and finally the "roaring" frontman, looked down at the people and hit us with "Hush", less than a nanosecond later, everyone gone wild.

Fireball, Into The Fire, Ted The Mechanic, When A Blind Man Cries, Sometimes I Feel Like Screaming, and other put us all to the edge. Smoke On The Water was the classic example of "everyone knows it", apart from some new material (excellent!) and the appropiate encore (Perfect Strangers/Highway Star), the only missing tune for nearly everyone was Knocking At Your Back Door. For me Loosen My Strings and Rosa's Cantina, were also missing, but I guess there's no way to have everybody happy.

The band is top professional, both musically and using the stage, as well as the people. The solos of Steve were as Gillan use to say "superb!", and the solo of Ian Paice was beyond belief. I miss more of Jon's work, whom I consider one of the best keyboardist of our time, but in general terms the concert delivered more than we expected, and we expected a lot!

The next morning I was hearing the Nodody's Perfect recording, and I found it "soft" in comparison with what I heard the previous night, I guess the band rocks harder everyday, may they keep on it, for years. Thanks to Deep Purple for being there for us, we'll never forget it.

Rolando Procupez

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