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DP concert in Orlando

I have been a DP fan for close to 30 years and I have been to DP concerts all over the world with a variety of bandmembers, but I have to say that the HOB show in Orlando was absolutely unbelievable!! The energy level that the band displayed was something incredible and I have not seen such happiness and enthusiasm from the band EVER.
SM is the best thing that happened to DP in a long time. Don't get me wrong, RB is a great guitarist and his contributions to DP are numerous, but he never seemed to fit in with the rest of the band.
The start was awesome, HUSH may be an old tune but it still sounds great. I stood downstairs in the pit about 30' from the stage and the sound was perfect. A great departure from their earlier European tours when the volume was turned to 11, at least.
TED THE MECHANIC is a kickass tune and sounds even better live. SM again shows his great talent. And, I have to say, IG's voice is incredible, I noticed very few slipups on lyric's etc.
In SPEED KING, JL came to life with a great duel with SM and outplayed SM on several occasions. He is the king of keyboards!!!!
The new songs: SEVENTH HEAVEN- awesome, an instant classic. ANY FOOL KNOWS THAT(?)- great vocals by IG.
PICTURES OF HOME- the first DP song I ever heard sounds great live. In short, it was awesome to see the band on a "small" stage and playing with such enthusiasm and energy.(My objectivity may have been a bit clouded by a few pints of Sam Adams but I doubt it)
My wife met me after the show and she said that she has only seen such a grin on my face twice!!
I plan to go to one of the concerts in Hollywood also and I will send my review of that too for what it's worth. Too bad that they can't play in Boston since that would be a lot closer.

Mats Linden

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