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Atlanta Reflections

After reading the many wonderful reviews of the Atlanta show, I figured that there was no point duplicating them. They truly captured the moment. Besides, as a Highway Star editor, I'd probably be accused of kissing ass by a Blackmoron. :-) I spent a lot of time listening to fan comments/reactions during and after, and Atlanta was definitely floored. Ritchie would have been depressed. ;-)

My main impressions of the concert: I've never heard such an amazing vocal performance from Gillan; Seventh Heaven is bound to be another Purple classic; and this was my all-time favorite Purple show.

The Setlist

  • Hush
  • Fireball
  • Into the Fire
  • Pictures of Home
  • Steve's Cascades solo
  • Black Night
  • Bloodsucker
  • Any fule kno that (That's exactly what it said on the band's set list!)
  • Sometimes I feel Like Screamming?
  • Woman From Tokyo
  • Seventh Heaven
  • Rosa's Cantina
  • No One Came
  • SOTW/Keyboard solo
  • Speed King


  • Perfect Strangers
  • Highway Star

Ed "Janx" Jankauskas

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